Contributor’s terms and conditions

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In order to ensure that we have a mutually beneficial experience, submission of content is based on the following agreed terms and conditions:

(For the purposes of this list, ‘the website,’ ‘I,’ or ‘we,’ refers to ‘’ and its owners).

1) You retain copyright of your own work.  However, you give the website a license to use the content (e.g. photographs, text, videos) you have submitted on the website, and in connection with promoting the website in all mediums, including social media.  This license is free, worldwide, permanent and transferable, under the same terms, to any new or future owners of the website.

2) You will only submit work which is your own.

3) I reserve the right to edit the text you submit, but I will never alter your photographs (with the exception of the size).

4) No payment or other financial reimbursement will be given to contributors either now or in the future.

5) You agree that advertising may be displayed with or within your content e.g. banner ads, affiliate marketing links.  As per point 4, no financial reimbursement will be given to contributors.  This website takes considerable time, effort and other resources to run.

6) I reserve the right to remove your content from the website at any time and without notice.

7) I am not liable for any type of loss that you incur as a result of your involvement with the website.

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