Interview – Nico Rinaldi, Skógafoss Waterfall, Iceland

'Flow of Nature' Landscape Photography by Nico Rinaldi
‘Flow of Nature’  Landscape Photography by Nico Rinaldi
Editor’s Note: I have seen so many landscape photographs from  Skógafoss waterfall, Iceland, in recent years that I don’t often take the time to admire them and study them properly.  However, when I came across this beautiful photograph  of from Nico Rinaldi it really caught my eye.  I didn’t actually realise initially that it was Skógafoss.  The clever composition and thoughtful framing makes it seem like a much more intimate scene than it actually is.  I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to speak to Nico to find out a little more about it.
Nico, when and where did you take this beautiful landscape photograph? 
I took this in October 2017 during my first landscape photography trip to Iceland.   This is the very famous Skógafoss waterfall in southern Iceland.
What was the inspiration behind the shot?
I have wanted to visit Iceland for a very long time, so when I got there I wanted to really focus on capturing some memorable landscape photographs.
Before taking this photograph I spent literally the entire day exploring the area around the waterfall.  I wanted to find a strong composition that showed both the splendour of the falls and the nature of the surrounding landscape.
 What equipment did you use to take the photograph Nico?
I used my Nikon D800 DSLR camera with a Nikon 14-24mm lens.  Whilst filters are common in landscape photography I choose not to use any on this occasion. 
Which photographic techniques did you use?
When I was taking the photograph I want to ensure I used a shutter speed which wasn’t too long.  This allowed me to retain texture in the water falling over the rocks which really helps to show how powerful it is. 
I used a focus-stacking technique to ensure I had sharp focus throughout the image.  This required a total of 4 different exposures.  I also used exposure blending to ensure I had detail in both the sky and foreground.
What sort of work did you do during post-processing Nico?
 As I had shot in RAW format I used Adobe Camera RAW in Photoshop to convert the various files I captured.  I then merged the focus stacked shots to form my base image.  This was followed by exposure blending and tweaks  to shadows, brightness, colour and dynamic contrast.
What did you like the most about this photograph?
I am really pleased with the end result.  The sky is dramatic with both cold and warm colours and the water feels like it is coming to life within the landscape photograph.
Tell us about your future photography plans and ideas.
I have several photographic aims for the future.  One area which I would like to improve on is my post-processing.  I would also like to visit other locations I have never been to before, especially areas with tall mountains and deep valleys.  I think I could create some new types of compositions for my portfolio.
However, my main landscape photography goal is to produce images which the viewer will connect with in a really deep way.  I will also continue to share them as much as I can online.
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